Monday, August 13, 2007

Conversations Update: New Computer

To my fellow conversationalists,

Hello. How are you? This is a brief note of explanation (not excuse). The web site is not on hiatus, nor is it anywhere close to being an unfinished, static project. My original goal of posting 1-3 interview-conversations of various length, focus, and spirit per week is becoming possible. However, as you may notice, there have been long gaps between interviews. The three main reasons are: an ever-sick computer; the learning curve of finding and securing individuals to interview; developing skills to provide a quicker turn-around, and personal life changes.

As some know, I had held onto a seasonally sick laptop for far too long. Since May 2007, it has acted up in sincerely unfortunate ways, and yet shown promise as a usable computer. However, I have had to replace the former laptop with a new one. Since I don't quite have a six figure job, I had to hold out until I found a good but affordable computer. At last, dear friend, I have, I have. Hopefully, this one won't decide to dump memory at random times, delete all documents (but not programs), or engage in other sundry activities. We have a great relationship so far-- the new computer and me--and the keypad is amicable to quick, efficient, and error-free typing.

This means that I'm ready, willing, and more than able to provide you with more turns in the ever-expanding conversation fabric that is perpetually around us, and endlessly expanding, unraveling, and growing thick with daily sewing, weaving, etc.

Thank you for your patience. Coming soon are interviews with: Aaron Katz (Quiet City), Carye Bye, a few innovative photographers, an NPR producer, street buskers, and the next few people that move me, move me, move me, with their innovative behavior!

Shahin I. Beigi
Conversations, Etc.
Founder and Fellow Conversationalist

P.S. Though you have not met my new friend and colleague, perhaps you can help me come up with a name for my new computer!

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