Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Refreshing Conversations Are Coming Back

Dear reader, internet wanderer, and fellow conversationalist,

Hello. How are you?

You may find it peculiar that there have not been any new posts in over a year. We feel the same way. However, fear not, as conversations, etc. will be re-entering the blogosphere, your status updates, tweets, person-to-person conversations, and hearts. This is happening within the next few weeks.

As a close friend, professor, and co-conversationalist told me when I freaked out over the cold weather and and overwhelming layers of clothing & silences during my first New England winter: "It's not death, it's just dormancy." We were just going through a hiatus of producing conversations and other web site ephemera for you. The hiatus is just about wrapped up, and we could not be happier about that.

We will be coming back strong, with a string of lively interviewers for you. We will also be exploring other conversation-based avenues that will go beyond the standard "intro, transcript, hypertexted links" we and other sites provide. This includes perpetually adding to the "Left Unsaid" cornucopia of personal stories about those things we don't get to say, fully articualte, or only have words for after the fact.

So, thank you for stopping by the site, whether you were with us at the beginning, or you've visited in the last year and thought, "WTF?! Such cool interviews, and they've left me high and dry for months?"

We will be back with regularly posted conversations and other refreshing content quite soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and music "conversation" below.

Thanks for your interest, patience, and pinky swear to come back soon.

Shahin I. Beigi
conversations, etc.
* founder & fellow

Kronos Quartet & Tanya Tagaq working on a collaboration.

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