Wednesday, June 18, 2014

conversations, etc.: re-imagined & revived this summer

Dear Reader, Internet Wanderer, & Fellow Conversationalist,

Hello. How are you?
As you can see, the last post on this site was made in February 2010. That makes it some months more than four years since last we shared with you. Maybe you do not like that fact so much. Neither do we. For that reason-- and for at least 33 others-- this site is making a comeback this summer. It's true.

That's a big smile, so to speak.

Things are as dormant as you let them be, and well, we were pretty good at letting things lie dormant. That said, we kept finding people we were genuinely intrigued by. People we would surely like to have conversations with. We kept brainstorming ways in which we would want the site to transform and become  more dynamic once we were ready to revive it. We kept conversations, etc. in our heads and hearts so that, one day, we'd come back to be part of your lives-- however often you stop by.

Summer 2014 marks the season we will be making our comeback.
Dormancy doesn't look good on us. Time to remove this hole-filled sweater of dormancy. Etc.

Great news: we will be adding a range of new series so that there will be something refreshing and unique to explore often. More importantly, there is so much we would like to share and explore: with our interviewees, with our readers, with whoever stumbles upon this site and takes something from their time here. In other words, we look forward to all the future conversations, future sharings, and "future people" in our lives.

Thanks for your time and patience.
Come back soon. Come back to enjoy the conversations... to dig the etc.

Shahin I. Beigi     

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